The Elizabeth MacLeod Award for Excellence in Clinical Education (Speech-Language Pathology)


Established in 2009, this award allows the UBC School of Audiology and Speech Sciences (SASS) to recognize a speech-language pathologist who demonstrates excellence in and commitment to the clinical education of speech-language pathology students.


The award is presented annually to a speech-language pathologist with a current clinical faculty appointment in the Faculty of Medicine who has demonstrated excellence in clinical education in speech-language pathology. The recipient will have demonstrated the ability to create an environment that fosters learning, respect, enthusiasm, and open communication in the clinic or classroom. She or he will be a provider of a comprehensive clinical experience appropriate to the students’ abilities, and will demonstrate a willingness to supervise students from SASS on a regular basis.


The recipient’s name will appear on a plaque permanently displayed at the UBC School of Audiology and Speech Sciences. In addition, the recipient will be presented with a personal memento of the award.


Candidates may be nominated by SASS students, recent graduates, clinical faculty, clinical educators, and academic faculty. The nominator must complete the nomination form.


Selection of the recipient will be determined by the School’s Clinical Faculty Awards Committee. The nomination will be valid for two consecutive years. The award cannot be presented to the same individual more than once in a five-year period.


The award will typically be presented to the recipient at the BCASLPA Annual Conference. Announcements will be submitted to professional newsletters and UBC publications.

About Elizabeth MacLeod

Elizabeth MacLeod (B.A., M.Sc. SLP (C)) is a graduate of the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences, and was recruited by John Gilbert to join the School’s faculty in 1978 as an Instructor. She later became a Senior Instructor. Ms. MacLeod taught the majority of the clinical coursework in speech-language pathology from 1978 to 1988. During that time, she also served as Clinical Coordinator, organizing observations and externships. With the expansion of the School — and of her family — in the early 1990s, Ms. MacLeod reduced her teaching duties and focused on the clinical education program. She developed valuable teaching resources for clinical faculty, including the creation of an online interprofessional clinical education program: “E-Tips for Practice Education.” Over her thirty years on the faculty, she has worked to strengthen the links between the School and community-based speech-language pathologists. With the support of the School’s director and faculty, and with the tremendous contributions of the clinical faculty, Ms. MacLeod and her clinical coordinator colleagues strove to provide students with the best possible options in clinical education experiences.

Liz MacLeod is honoured to have Elizabeth MacLoead Award for Excellence in Clinical Education established in her name. The inauguration of the award coincided with the School’s 40th anniversary.