Clinical Faculty Awards

Congratulations to our three deserving Clinical Faculty Award winners: Devon McConnachie, Holly Plunkett, and Sandra Baker!

Every year, UBC School of Audiology and Speech Sciences (SASS) recognizes members of its clinical faculty who demonstrate excellence in, and commitment to the clinical education of students.

This year, the 2017 Elizabeth MacLeod Award for Excellence in Clinical Education (Speech-Language Pathology) was awarded jointly to Devon McConnachie from Surrey Memorial Hospital, and Holly Plunkett of SHARE Society, Coquitlam. Both Devon and Holly have received exemplary student feedback on their skills as teachers and clinicians. As an early career clinician who has made regular contributions to SASS’s program of clinical education, Devon has inspired her students with a clear and intentional approach to critical thinking and practice. Holly’s skilled approach to creating a safe learning environment and her use of feedback and mentoring in a part-time placement has been truly notable. We are pleased to have both as models for our students, present and future.

The 2017 Noelle Lamb Award for Excellence in Clinical Education (Audiology) was awarded to Sandra Baker of the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Sandra’s ability to tailor her guidance to match the learning style of each student, foster confidence and encourage critical thinking, all while caring for her clients is truly worthy of recognition. She consistently receives exceptional student feedback and we look forward to her continued influence on future Audiologists.