The School of Audiology and Speech Sciences is committed to maintaining high standards of academic and clinical education that will enable students to develop the competencies necessary for successfully completing their programs and being prepared to enter clinical practice. Any COVID-related modifications to their program will uphold these standards of excellence.

Over the last 2 years, our students have displayed the highest of standards of conduct and responsibility with respect to compliance with Public Health restrictions. We hope the following information will be helpful during your placement.

1. As of March 2021, Clinical Educators and Students will be asked to sign off that students have reviewed your site’s Safety Plan. There is an online survey sent by Andrew Hale at the SASS to CEs and students that should be completed, and will fulfil part of the approved Safety Plan Checklist for Placements for the Faculty of Medicine. Thank you for completing this survey at your earliest convenience.

2. As per the newly published HOSPITAL AND COMMUNITY (HEALTH CARE AND OTHER SERVICES) COVID-19 VACCINATION STATUS INFORMATION AND PREVENTIVE MEASURES – November 18, 2021 from the BC Public Health Officer all students training at any hospital or community health care service are included in the “staff member” category, and as such are required to comply with conditions listed in detail in this public health order at

3. UBC’s Risk and Safety has completed it’s verification process for all of our students, and will continue to be compliant with all PHO orders and protocol related to communicating vaccination status.

4. As a matter of interest, SASS students were forwarded a Memo from the Vice Dean, Education, Faculty of Medicine on September 29, 2021 stating that full vaccination is required October 26, 2021 to provide services, and that “any learners or trainees who have not received their second dose before October 26, 2021, will not be permitted to enter any healthcare facility, which will impact their ability to complete the requirements of their respective programs.”

5. Students are eligible for their COVID-19 third dose, and have been provided appropriate information to book these appointments.

6. Our students are required to complete Daily Self-Assessment for symptoms of COVID-19 and follow the appropriate Public Health and site protocols if they do not pass this daily assessment. While at the School, they remain masked and follow the UBC Safety Plan for Learning Spaces. Additional details are available at

7. Updated Public Health Orders are routinely shared with all of our students, and the Faculty of Medicine is in regular communication with local health authorities; including review and implementation of Public Health Orders. All student concerns are addressed by the School and the University with appropriate mechanisms and supports.

8. All relevant provincial COVID-19 Safety Plans are in effect for our SASS students, if they are placed out of province.

9. Due to availability, the school is planning to resume cohort Mask Fit Testing on campus.

If you have any questions, please contact your student’s listed Clinical Coordinator.

In closing, we thank you for your commitment to making student part of your work-life at this time. It is our sincerest hope that the months ahead will bring you and yours ease and continued good health.