Unpacking the Roles of a Clinical Educator

What does it mean to be a clinical educator?

Being a clinician is at your core. You have learned your profession so well that you often do not have to think about why you are doing something or how you are going to do it.

This level of proficiency can often change when supervising a student. A shift can occur from expert clinician to relatively novice Clinical Educator; novice because teaching students is not part of your daily routine and because even though you may have years of clinical experience as a SLP or Audiologist, every student’s learning needs are different and you must constantly re-align your teaching style to match each student.

This module aims to define the role of a Clinical Educator. By making the expectations and roles of a CE explicit, you will continue to develop your skillset in this area.

The following reference from the literature has been used to inform the following discussion points:

1. Rose, M., & Best, D. (2005). Exploring the roles of the clinical educator. In Transforming Practice through Clinical Education, Professional Supervision, and Mentoring. Elsevier Health Sciences.

The six roles of a CE:

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A Student-Centered Approach:

Now that you have reviewed the many roles of a Clinical Educator, we hope you can appreciate the overlap between the role of the CE and the role of the clinician. This begs the question: Are students similar to clients?

With clients, the initial meeting is often based on information seeking – case history, conversations, chart notes etc. From there, we develop goals with our clients, put together an assessment plan, followed by intervention that focuses on empowering clients to achieve their personal best. This is client-centered care at its best. Therefore, can this process also work for students? What might an optimal student-centered approach look like?

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