Marcia Choi

Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education

I am pleased to be the Academic Coordinator Lead for Clinical Education and to be working with the Clinical Teaching and Coordination team at the SASS. I am happily stepping into this fulltime role with hopes of filling the big shoes left by Lisa Avery’s retirement in March 2017..

As a UBC graduate, I have 20 years of clinical experience in adult neurogenic communication and swallowing disorders and 15 years as a Clinical Educator at Vancouver General Hospital and G.F. Strong Rehab Centre. I have always gravitated to team-based care and have a particular interest in the client counseling aspects of practice. I am also an Adjunct Professor for the School of Social Work, and have co-taught Interprofessional Health Care Team Development since 2003.

I returned to the SASS in 2015 after 7 years in the field of leadership development for the health and human service sectors. My experience with supporting leaders is a surprisingly natural fit with my work with Clinical Educators and our students. (Nothing happens by accident.)

My current role is dedicated to ensuring a healthy and innovative clinical education environment at the SASS. This work includes supporting and coaching clinical educators and students in their learning partnerships, leading outreach to our remote and rural communities, strengthening relationships with our clinical faculty, creating innovative clinical learning opportunities and collaborating with Faculty to ready our students for the real world of clinical practice.

My mission is to prepare our students to be clinicians who are both interpersonal and professional assets to their colleagues, teams, and most importantly, to the people and families they are privileged to serve.

On more personal note, the welcome and support shown by the SASS for this mission ( and on occasion, my dog) makes me proud to be part of the School and the Clinical Teaching and Coordination Team.

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Contact Information
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