Sandy Taylor

Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education

My areas of interest include clinical education and preschool speech and language disorders. I work for Vancouver Coastal Health in the Richmond clinic providing speech and language services to preschool children and their families. I have a particular interest in Selective Mutism in preschoolers. We support student placements in speech language pathology and audiology. In addition, our team provides interprofessional observations to medical students & psychiatry residents/staff.

At UBC, I co-teach an introductory course in assessment of preschool children. As part of the team of clinical coordinators, I arrange externships for speech-language pathology & audiology students in the community. Through this process, I connect with the speech-language pathologists and sites that generously provide these clinical experiences for our program.

Contact Information
Phone: (604) 827-4485
Fax: (604) 822-6569